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Triple Loks - Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Australian made High corrosion resistant stainless steel providing fixings onto three separate surfaces for maximum strength jointing


Triple Grips are typically used for the following applications:

Connecting of Rafters to Wall Plate

Connecting of Roof Trusses to Wall Plate

Jack flyovers to truncated truss

Connect Joist to Bearer


A minimum of 10/30mm x 2.8Ø Dunning stainless steel nails must be used to fix each Triple Lock for full tabulated values.

Product Specification

Product Code

Left Hand - nom 1mm SBTRL1L
Right Hand - nom 1mm SBTRL1R

Material Specification

Thickness: 0.9mm
Material: Minimum Grade 316 Stainless Steel


BN 30 x 2.8mm Galvanised Timber Connector nails  


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