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Quad Grip

Australian made galvabond hammer installed brackets for fixing rafters and trusses


1. Place the Quad Grip in position on the top plate (wall) to cover one or two wall plates (whichever is required). Hit with hammer on one side of the Quad Grip.

2. Hit the other side of the Quad Grip on top plate (wall). You are now ready to embed Quad Grip into the rafter or truss.

3. One hit on the top left hand side of Quad Grip will embed the teeth into the timber rafter or truss.

4. Repeat on the other side of the Quad Grip.


  • Ensure teeth are fully embedded into the timber.
  • Check to ensure that if two top plates are used that the bottom rows of teeth are embedded into the lower of the two top plates.
  • Check design details to determine if one Quad Grip is adequate per bearing point to resist uplift.

Side Elevation

Quad Grips can be used effectively with single or double top plates.

Product Specification

Product Code

Twin Teethed 88 x 1mm - Galvanised
- Fixing 35mm Timber - Adjustable For Larger Width

Material Specification

Thickness: 1.0mm
Material: G300-Z275

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