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Cluster Nail

Classic Australian manufactured cluster nail plates allow for all kinds of connecting projects with easy hammer installation


Applying the Cluster nail is very simple as no special pressing equipment is needed.

The Cluster nail’s teeth can be driven into a piece of timber using a normal carpenter’s hammer on site by tradespersons, home owners and builders.

Cluster nails are suitable for all softwoods and some unseasoned hardwood timbers. Difficulty may be experienced when driving into seasoned hardwood and some unseasoned hardwood timber.

Step 1.

Position the Cluster nail central to where the two pieces of timber meet.

Step 2.

Using a carpenter’s hammer, drive the protruding teeth into the timber. For butt joining, turn the timber over and repeat the process on the other side.

The Cluster nail teeth should now be embedded securely into the timber, subsequently joining the two separate pieces of timber together.


In timber joint design, nails within 6mm of timber edges or within 12mm of timber ends are regarded as ineffective. As the nail rows in the Cluster nail are 32mm apart, all nails, fixed symmetrical over the joint are effective.

Product Specification

Product Code

33 x 127 x 1mm Galvanised BCT4-4
33 x 190 x 1mm Galvanised BCT4-6
44 x 127 x 1mm Galvanised BCT5-4
44 x 190 x 1mm Galvanised BCT5-6
67 x 127 x 1mm Galvanised BCT8-4
67 x 190 x 1mm Galvanised BCT8-6
67 x 254 x 1mm Galvanised BCT8-8
89 x 63 x 1mm Galvanised BCT10-2
89 x 127 x 1mm Galvanised BCT10-4
89 x 190 x 1mm Galvanised BCT10-6
89 x 254 x 1mm Galvanised BCT10-8
89 x 317 x 1mm Galvanised BCT10-10
133 x 127 x 1mm Galvanised BCT16-4
133 x 190 x 1mm Galvanised BCT16-6
133 x 254 x 1mm Galvanised BCT16-8

Material Specification

Thickness: 1.0mm
Material: G300-Z275


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