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Truss Fix

Australian made galvabond hammer installed brackets for fixing rafters and trusses


1. Place the Truss Fix in position on the top plate (wall) to cover one or two wall plates (whichever is required). Hit Truss Fix teeth into top plate with hammer.

2. Hit Truss Fix teeth into the timber rafter or truss with hammer.

Note: The capacities are derived from AS1720-2010 and are for uplift in houses where failure is unlikely to affect an area greater than 25m2. For primary elements in structures other than houses or elements in a house for which failure would be greater than 25m2 these capacities must be multiplied by 0.94. For primary joints in essential services or post disaster buildings multiply by 0.88.

Side Elevation

Truss Fix can be used effectively with single or double top plates.


Product Specification

Product Code

115 x 25 x 1mm - Universal - Galvanised BTFB

Material Specification

Thickness: 1.0mm
Material: G300-Z275

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