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Shade Cloth Fixings

Round washers fixing with nails or rivets or formed strip nails to hold pergola coverings


Ideally suited for quick and easy fixing of shade cloth to pergolas or other light timber structures.

Product Specification

Product Code

Shade Cloth Fixings & Nails - 20 Per/Packet HSCFN
Shade Cloth Fixings & Nails 100 Per/Packet HSCFN2
Shade Cloth Fixings & Rivets - 20 Per/Packet HSCFR
Strip Nail 1mm Galvanised - Packed 10 Bags
Per Carton(50pc Per Bag) / 500 pc Per Carton (52mm x 20mm)
DES Fix Large - 30 x 30mm - Galvanised - 
150 Strips 5 Taks/ 750ea Per Carton

Material Specification

Thickness: 1.0mm
Material: G300-Z275