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Ceiling Tie / Joist Tie

Australian made galvabond connector for fixing joists to hanging beams


Maximum ceiling load width, for Joist Tie with 2 nails per face (m)
Ceiling joist spacing600 centres900 centres1200 centres
  4.8 3.4 2.5


  • Maximum spans are based on the support of a maximum ceiling mass of 12kg/m2
  • Roof loads shall not be strutted onto ceiling joists

Fixing and Bending

Joist Tie should be secured with minimum 2/30mm x 2.8Ø Dunnings’ nails.

Product Specification

Product Code

180 x 1mm Galvanised BCT180H
180 x 0.6mm Galvanised BCT180L

Material Specification

Thickness: 0.6mm or 1.0mm
Material: G300-Z275


BN 30 x 2.8mm Galvanised Timber Connector nails


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