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Hoop Iron Tensioners

Heavy duty hoop iron tensioners to ensure that bracing can be tightened to the required standards without failing


Two individually cut pieces of Hoop Iron Bracing are required to brace a timber framed wall section. These pieces should overlap to form an ‘X’.

  1. Secure first end of one piece of bracing into position using 30 x 2.8mm Dunnings’ nails.
  2. Stretch the Hoop Iron Bracing over the entire panel to be braced, ensuring the brace is taut.
  1. Secure the second end while maintaining tension on the brace.
  2. Repeat this procedure for the second piece of Hoop Iron Bracing, ensuring an ‘X’ is formed.
  3. Secure the Hoop Iron Tensioner in each length of Hoop Iron Bracing to remove any remaining slack.

Product Specification

Product Code

Heavy Duty Tensioner With T Nuts and Bolts - Galvanised - 10 bags of 10 / 100ea Per Carton BHIT
Hoop Iron Tensioner With Hex Head - Galvanised - 10 bags of 10 / 100ea Per Carton BHITHH


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