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Type T - Bolt On - Heavy Duty

Surface mount hot dip galvanised post shoes with a centre blade fixing and surface mount

Applications - M12

  1. Fix anchor through the base plate to concrete.
  2. Ensure anchor fixing and footing detail are adequate enough to resist the wind load upward and dead plus live load downward.
  3. Fix timber post to steel post anchor with 2/M16 bolts.

Product Specification

Product Code

240 T Blade x 8mm - 240 x 140 x 85mm Base -
Hot Dipped Galvanised


250 T Blade x 10mm - 250 x 140 x 115mm Base -
Hot Dipped Galvanised


250 T Blade x 10mm - 250 x 180 x 130mm Base -
Hot Dipped Galvanised


300 T Blade x 10mm - 300 x 200 x 180mm Base -
Hot Dipped Galvanised


Material Specification

Thickness: 8.0mm - 10.0mm
Material: Hot dipped galvanised corrosion protection


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